Artistic Director

— Rachana Patel

Director and Founder of Matru Dance Academy.

University Certified Bharatnatyam Teacher and Winner of Various Competitions

—She evinced a keen interest in classical dance from her early childhood and began her training in Bharata Natyam. Kuchipudi and singing is her other areas of interest. She has trained extensively these arts under various dance gurus and occasionally took special training in them. She has completed Visharad from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharv Mahavidyalaya Mandal.

—As a student, performer and teacher, she is a Bharata Natyam dancer for past 20 years and performed at various centers, universities, academies etc. She has choreographed various dances and now travels in and around NJ to part her dancing knowledge to students who range from kids to grownups. During her diverse artistic career, she has been acclaimed first prizes at various occasions including college, university levels.

—Neither an Electrical Engineering degree nor running a Software Company didn’t stop her dancing pursuit. Her zeal for dancing helps her to find enough time in her otherwise busy schedule to teach students and help them know and practice the age-old Indian traditional dance form.

—She wishes her students and all dance students the very best in their life.